Current group members


Dr. Michael P. Weir: Nottingham Research Fellow and Group Leader

Ph.D. students

Zhongnan Duan

Zhongnan is undertaking a Ph.D. project in the School of Chemistry on the synthesis of new, sustainable PEDOT:carrageenan polymers for use in organic electronics.

Supervisors: Prof Simon Woodward, Dr Oleg Makarovskiy, Dr Mike Weir. Advisor: Prof David Amabilino (CSIC, Barcelona).

Craig Venables

Craig is undertaking a Ph.D. project in the School of Physics and Astronomy on the fabrication and characterisation of optical memristor devices.

Supervisors: Dr Neil Kemp and Dr Mike Weir

Alexander Sterling

Zichen Zhang

Alex and Derek (Zichen) are students in the HeatToPower theme of the EPSRC and SFI CDT in Sustainable Chemistry, where they are currently undertaking their training year.

Unza Jamil (University College Dublin)

Unza is undertaking a Ph.D. project at UCD on the application of Life Cycle Assessment to thermoelectric materials and devices as part of the EPSRC and SFI CDT in Sustainable Chemistry.

Supervisors: Prof Nick Holden, School of Biosystems and Food Engineering, UCD and a Research Studies Panel

M. Sci. students

Lucy Clements

David Piggott

Lucy and David are undertaking a Natural Sciences 4th year research project on plant microbial fuel cells, in collaboration with Dr. Alison Tidy in Plant Science within the School of Biosciences.

Undergraduate Summer Projects

Projects start again in Summer 2023.

Former group members

Max Butterworth: Undergraduate Summer Research Project (2022). Max has successfully completed an experimental investigation of organic thermoelectrics.

Prashant Jivan: Undergraduate Summer Research Project (2022). Prashant has successfully completed a project communicating the positive climate benefits of thermoelectrics.

George Large: M.Sci. Research Project (2021-2022)

Dominykas Maciulaitis: M.Sci. Research Project (2021-2022)

George and Dominykas successfully completed an M.Sci. research project on indium selenide thermoelectrics.

Caitlin Dickson: M.Sci. Research Project (2020-2021)

Sunny Luhar: M.Sci. Research Project (2020-2021)

Sunny and Caitlin successfully completed an M.Sci. research project on small-molecule organic thermoelectrics. [Graduation pic]

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