Current group members


Dr. Michael P. Weir: Nottingham Research Fellow and Group Leader

Ph.D. students

Zhongnan Duan: Postgraduate Research Student in Chemistry

Zhongnan is undertaking a Ph.D. project on the synthesis of new, sustainable PEDOT:carrageenan polymers for use in organic electronics.

Supervisors: Professor Simon Woodward, Dr. Oleg Makarovskiy, Dr. Mike Weir. Advisor: Professor David Amabilino (CSIC, Barcelona).

M. Sci. students

George Large: M.Sci. Research Project (2021-2022)

Dominykas Maciulaitis: M.Sci. Research Project (2021-2022)

George and Dominykas are undertaking an M.Sci. research project on indium selenide thermoelectrics.

Former group members

Caitlin Dickson: M.Sci. Research Project (2020-2021)

Sunny Luhar: M.Sci. Research Project (2020-2021)

Sunny and Caitlin successfully undertook an M.Sci. research project on small-molecule organic thermoelectrics.

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