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Toolan, D. T. W., Weir, M. P., et al. Insights into the kinetics and self-assembly of hybrid small-molecule organic semiconductor / quantum dot blends during blade coating, Nanoscale Horizons, Accepted manuscript (2023). [DOI]

Toolan, D. T. W., Weir, M. P., Kilbride, R. C., et al. Mixed Small-Molecule Matrices Improve Nanoparticle Dispersibility in Organic Semiconductor-Nanoparticle Films, Langmuir, 39, 4799-4808 (2023). [DOI]


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**Toolan, D. T. W.,  Weir, M. P., et al. Controlling the structures of organic semiconductor-quantum dot nanocomposites through ligand shell chemistry. Soft Matter, 16, 7970-7981 (2020)[DOI]


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*Weir, M. P. et al. Extrinsic wrinkling and single exfoliated sheets of graphene oxide in polymer composites, Chemistry of Materials, 28, 1698–1704 (2016). [DOI]

2013 and previous

Yiapanis, G. et al. Molecular mechanism of stabilization of thin films for improved water evaporation protection. Langmuir 29, 14451–9 (2013). [DOI]

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Allardice, J. et al. Ligand Directed Self-Assembly of Bulk Organic Semiconductor/Quantum-Dot Blend Films Enables Near Quantitative Harvesting of Triplet Excitons. arXiv arXiv:2009.0576 (2020).

Conference Proceedings

Boothroyd, S. C. et al. The dispersion and stability of graphene oxide in polystyrene. ICCM International Conferences on Composite Materials July 2015 (2015).

* = as corresponding author:

** = joint first authorship

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