HeatToPower: A new generation of sustainable thermoelectric materials and devices is a theme in the EPSRC and SFI CDT in Sustainable Chemistry, Atoms-2-Products

In the present era, heat management and the generation of clean energy are critical issues for society. Thermoelectric materials help in two ways – they can convert waste heat into electrical energy, or run in reverse, they provide refrigeration with no moving parts. Today’s thermoelectric technologies are unsustainable and are held back from mass adoption by global resource issues. This Theme brings together experts from Chemistry, Physics and Engineering to provide the interdisciplinary and innovative approach required to build a new generation of thermoelectric materials using approaches ranging from novel organic synthesis, nanomaterials and nanocomposites, and two-dimensional materials.

Students in this theme will gain experience and training in a range of topics:

  • Motivations, challenges, and solutions in sustainable energy
  • Life cycle assessment of emerging technologies 
  • Interdisciplinary approaches to research at the Chemistry/Physics/Engineering interface
  • The theory and practice of thermoelectric devices and systems
  • Perspectives on industrial research and development

Academic mentors:

Dr Michael Weir (Theme Lead), School of Physics and Astronomy
Dr Kristaps Ermanis, School of Chemistry
Dr Ming Li, Faculty of Engineering
Dr Oleg Makarovskiy, School of Physics and Astronomy
Dr Miriam O’Duill, School of Chemistry
Dr Ender Özcan, School of Computer Science
Prof Amalia Patanè, School of Physics and Astronomy
Dr Lyudmila Turyanska, Faculty of Engineering
Prof Ricky Wildman, Faculty of Engineering
Prof Simon Woodward, School of Chemistry

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