CDT PhD studentship in the physics of sustainable energy materials

Would you like to do a PhD in Physics that also makes a difference to help us live and use energy more sustainably?

If the answer is yes, there is a fully funded 48 month PhD studentship available in the University of Nottingham CDT in Sustainable Chemistry. Physicists don’t fear – the PhD you get would be in physics and based within the School of Physics and Astronomy.

CDT students write their own research proposals towards the end of an initial group training period, and there is much flexibility. However, an example project that could work very well would be the study of thermoelectric effects* in thin films of 2D van der Waals materials, conducting polymers, and their hybrids. Therefore if you are interested in finding applications for 2D semiconducting materials and/or organic electronics, this could be the project for you. I’d also be happy to discuss other projects with applicants.

(*i.e. thermal and electrical conductivity, and the Seebeck effect i.e. voltages appearing when temperature gradients are applied across materials)

These positions are interdisciplinary however and you would join theme of 4 within a cohort of 12 students all working on various projects within the CDT. Therefore, an interest in learning more about chemistry would certainly help but you don’t have to be chemist yourself!

Our theme is HeatToPower – A New Generation of Sustainable Thermoelectric Materials and Devices, and concerns new materials that can generate clean energy and greenhouse-gas-free cooling: both set to be very important issues for humanity during the rest of this century. See more here!

Our CDT students get training in the first 6-12 months while undergoing a group project – in your case that will be on the fascinating science of thermoelectricity, and broader issues of sustainability.

To be eligible you will need to have completed, or be about to complete, a four-year undergraduate masters degree or a BSc plus (for example) and MSc in a related subject. That could be physics, chemistry, materials science, engineering etc.

Unfortunately our funders requirements meant that only those with Home fees status can apply.

For more information please contact Mike –

To apply please visit

Good luck!

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