Frontiers Talk links

Here are some links and embedded graphs from the Frontiers in Physics talk Materials for a Sustainable Future on 4th May 2023.


Our World In Data : you can search for each graph title (& browse the site – it’s endless): see “Search for a topic or chart…”

What is Sustainability?

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable energy

Sir David J. C. MacKay’s FREE BOOK “Sustainable Energy: Without the Hot Air”

Chief Joseph Dam

Whitelee Windfarm

Crescent Dunes Solar Energy Facility

European Chemical Society Periodic Table

University of Nottingham ECMN Group

UoN Energy Institute

UoN Propulsion Futures Beacon

UoN Sustainability

Solar energy

Matthias Loster’s page on solar energy and land area

NREL Best Research-Cell Efficiency Chart

Rao et al. Nature Reviews Materials (Harnessing singlet exciton fission to break the Shockley–Queisser limit)

My (Mike Weir & colleagues’) research publications

Harvesting Light / Quantum Solar YouTube video (& projected on a building)

Harvesting Light project web page (Artist Paul Evans)


Estimating the Global Waste Heat Potential (research paper)

Climate and Clean Air Coalition page on Hydrofluorocarbons

Journal of Applied Physics research paper on candidate thermoelectric materials


Great IoP physics careers page (lots on sustainability)

Climate anxiety news article (

Climate anxiety advice blog post (Mental Health UK)

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